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Aerobic Exercise at Home - Plyo Jump

Exercise Name: Plyo Jump

How do I set up the Tuffit? Platform

How hard is it?  
Plyo jump on to the platform is a challenging movement and requires a level of skill to perform. If you have never performed plyo jumps before, take a look at my top tips below.

Which muscle group does it work? 
Plyo jumps work all the muscles in the lower body. The effort required to execute a plyo jump also involves using the muscles in the upper body to propel you up.

What’s good about it? 
Plyo jumps are a great way to improve strength and muscle tone in the lower and upper body. A fantastic aerobic exercise at home – plyo jumps are high intensity, use up lots of energy and oxygen making them a superb cardio and fat burning exercise.  The move also has benefits for your bone. Bone density declines as we age and so bones become more brittle and can break easily.  Jumping is a great bone-building activity and the sooner you include jumping in to your life the better!

Top Tip 
Jumping on to a platform can be quite daunting at first.  Practise the movement without the platform to begin with, then progress on to the lower level platform.  Once you have built confidence, strength and power move on to the higher platform.  This may take some time, especially if the last time you performed jumping activities was when you were a child.  Take your time and ensure you follow the guidance notes and watch the video for instructions.


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