A spoonful of sugar…?

In the end, despite saying I wouldn’t, I decided to make one New Year’s Resolution.  I’ve always enjoyed reading, so I’ve committed to reading a book a week in 2017 – that’s right, I plan to get through 52 of them!  My intention is to read things I wouldn’t normally choose, broaden my horizons a little bit, and also use the time to wind down before sleep.

So far, the reading is going well.  I’ve managed 4 books already, but my favourite by far has been ‘Fat Chance’ by Dr Robert Lustig.  It explains the ‘Hidden truth about sugar, obesity and disease’.  Although quite ‘sciencey’ (and I’m not particularly sciencey myself) I have to say I found it absolutely fascinating.  The evidence presented shows quite clearly why sugar is the biggest culprit in making us gain weight.


It also got me thinking about what we eat as a family.

A quick review told me that providing my 6 year old with a glass of juice, a bowl of cereal and a piece of toast with jam on it for breakfast is the equivalent of sending him to school on a can and a half of Coca Cola!!! Terrifying.

Lustig’s book is full of shocking insights that made me immediately want to change our family eating habits.  He also talks about why diets don’t work (with examples), how we’re all eating more and exercising less and fully outlines the relationship between diet and health.

So, why is sugar so toxic?

In very simple terms, it’s to do with two hormones – leptin and insulin – which, when not working properly, cause energy storage in fat cells.

And sugar affects the way they work.  Couple that with the fact that an extremely high percentage of foods we eat have sugar added to make them more palatable, and you can see why this might be a problem.

Dr Robert Lustig

There’s way too much detail in Dr Lustig’s book for me to do it justice, so all I will say is that I would highly recommend this book to everyone.  I think it should be mandatory reading before anyone is allowed to go on a diet!

And the most exciting part?

Dr Lustig reveals that if you pay heed to his advice, there would never be any need for a crazy fad diet ever again.  Sounds good doesn’t it?

And of course, Dr Lustig is a big fan of exercise too – again not in a faddy way, but in an exercise is the single best thing you can do for yourself’ way. Which is music to my ears.

You can purchase ‘Fat Chance – This Hidden Truth About Sugar, Obesity and Disease‘ by Dr Robert Lustig from Amazon

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