A Leg Up

Leg Extension 2

Exercise Name: Leg Extension

How do I set up the Tuffit? Parallel

How hard is it?
This exercise is a very easy movement to perform and set up. Try out the different strengths of resistance tubing to find the correct level of difficulty for you. This exercise should be challenging and you should feel fatigue in the thigh muscle towards the end of your set.

Which muscle group does it work?
This works the muscles in the front of the thigh.

What’s good about it?
This is a brilliant move for targeting the front of the thigh. It will help to tone and strengthen the thigh muscle and the muscles which surround the knee joint. It is great for those who may struggle with compound movements, such as the squat or the lunge due to discomfort in the knees. It’s a controlled movement with no impact involved. With age the skin loses elasticity especially around the joints, in this case we are talking about the knees. This exercise can really help to tone and lift this problem area.

Top Tip
Attach both ankle straps before starting this exercise. This allows you to quickly clip the resistance tubing from one leg to the other. This exercise has been designed to work one leg at a time. Please ensure you remain seated on the Tuffit whilst performing this movement. Detach the resistance tubing from your ankle strap before standing. Combine with a squat or a lunge to challenge those thigh muscles further.