8 Week Tuffit Training Programme

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Every week for the next 8 weeks I will be sharing a new workout plan as part of our 8 week training programme – ideal for you to achieve a healthy, toned body in time for the Summer sunshine!

The training programme assumes that you are crazy busy and struggle to fit exercise into your life. If you have more time on your hands then please feel free to increase the time stated and adapt the plans to your level.

Ok, let’s get to work!

Tips to get you started…

1) Spend 10 minutes entering time for each week’s workout in your diary – use RED pen! Red means priority, but please don’t beat yourself up if you miss the odd workout, just make sure you get back on it asap.

2) Refresh the shopping list to reflect a healthier lifestyle and only buy the foods on the list this week!

3) Take time to familiarise yourself with the exercise techniques in each training programme. This will make breezing through each workout much easier.

4 ) If you are new to running, use lamp posts to give yourself a target.  Run to one lamp post, walk to the next, then repeat. As you get fitter, run the distance of two lamp posts and walk to the next.  Before you know it, your rest time will become less frequent.

Tuffit programmes…

Where a Tuffit workout is included, remember there are usually 1 – 6 versions of each workout title (to suit varying fitness levels). If you are unsure of your fitness level, start with a lower programme number – you can always repeat sequences if you are doing well.

View week 1 of the 8 week programme here and enjoy!