8 Week Programme – Week 8

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It’s the final week of our home exercise programme!

Remember to take some time to familiarise yourself with the exercise techniques, and your warm up and cool down.

Run Baby Run

The target this week is to complete 10K (run/walk). This can be broken down over the week. A little each day- you will clock up the K’s in no time!


Type: Upper Body
Plan: Tuffit Workout – Guns for Girls. Challenge those triceps (back of arms)!


Type: Lower Body
Plan: Tuffit Workout – Hip Swish. This programme is a super all rounder which hits those legs and glute muscles. Fancy a little blitz – leave out Sequence 4 (lateral step over) and complete:

  • 10 x Lateral Step Over
  • 5 x Burpees
  • Plank Hold for up to 30 secs

Repeat this sequence as many times as you wish. Have fun!


Type: Core
Plan: Tuffit Workout – The Twister. Today would be a good day to clock up a few of those K’s – running shoes at the ready!


Type: Aerobic
Plan: Getting towards the end of the week you may be feeling the fatigue. Squeeze in Tuffit Workout – Blaze A Trail 2 (I’d rather be on the sofa).


Type: Whole Body
Plan: Tuffit Workout– Cop a Squat. Feeling on it – here is a quick little finisher!

  • 10 x Squat to the platform
  • 10 x Jump in Squats (exercise can be found in Dancing Queen programme)

How many sets you do is your call! Feel those legs burn!!


Type: Aerobic
Plan: Now we getting there! If you haven’t yet completed your 10K run/walk today is the day!
Tuffit Workout – Dancing Queen. Challenge yourself to get through as many rounds as you can! Put on your favourite music tracks very loud and MOVE like you mean it for tomorrow is rest day!


A little R & R well deserved. Well done! You’ve completed the 8 Week Tuffit Training Programme.

You made it through all 8 weeks of our home exercise programme! Super work!

I hope you have felt the benefits and are feeling good about yourself. Some last words…

  • Staying fit and healthy requires consistency. Activity/exercise should be part of your life forever!
  • Build activity in to every single day no matter how little. It may be something simple like taking the stairs instead of waiting for the lift!
  • You might want to repeat our 8 week home exercise programme every time you need a boost
  • You never regret doing a workout – remember how good you feel post workout!
  • Children are more likely to adopt a healthy lifestyle if their parents follow one!
  • Remember there is no such thing as a quick fix!

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