8 Week Programme – Week 7

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Week 7 of our home workout programme with a difference.  Remember to take some time to familiarise yourself with the exercise techniques, and your warm up and cool down.


Type: Lower Body and Core
Plan: Tuffit Workout – Below the Belt – challenge yourself to number 4 or 5. Wind down with some floor work and work that core Ab-solute Abs (3 or 4).


Type: Cardio & Press Up Progression
Plan: Heading out for a little run today – lets make it a good one aiming for 4-5k. This can be a mix of run and brisk walk. Keep a record of how long this took you to complete and aim to step it up next time. Remember to have a good stretch post workout and include those calf stretches!

Press Up Progression: Choose your position and complete as many press ups with good alignment and depth. Keep those core muscles engaged. Record the number of repetitions – rest for a good 90 secs and repeat 2 more times. This won’t take you long so please fit this part of the home workout in today!



Type: Cardio and Core Combo
Plan: Warm up first using the warm up found in any of the home workout Tuffit programmes. Then perform each sequence 4-5 times -30 sec on each exercise. Rest as required.

Step ups
Mountain Climbers
Plank Hold

Star Jump with Punches
Sprint on the spot
Crunch & Full Sit Up

Leg Curls & Pull Down Arms
Knee Lifts
Back Hyper

Lateral Step Over
Heel Flicks
Oblique Twist

If you are unfamiliar with any of the exercises visit Blaze a Trail and Quick Core to find demonstrations


Type: Upper Body
Plan: Tuffit Home Workout – Curl Up & Fly
Always good to get out doors and blow the cobwebs away with a brisk walk. The evenings are nice and light so make the most of it for the dark nights will soon be upon us. It doesn’t have to be a long walk, fit in what you can.


Type: Bulgarian Split Squat & Plyo Jump Challenge
Plan: You will find both these exercises in Below the Belt programme. Please follow the video demonstrations to ensure you have good technique and choose the level of platform suitable for you. Remember to keep good form and record the time it took you to complete the workout.

15 Bulgarian Split Squat Each Leg
5 Plyo Jumps – x 2 sets

12 Bulgarian Split Squat Each Leg
5 Plyo Jumps – x 2 sets

9 Bulgarian Split Squat Each Leg
5 Plyo Jumps – x 1 set

6 Bulgarian Split Squat Each Leg
5 Plyo Jumps – x 1 set

3 Bulgarian Split Squat Each Leg
5 Plyo Jumps – x 1 set

If you are bursting with energy today then give Fit As A Fiddle a go too. If the legs are feeling it from the challenge maybe a 30 min brisk walk may be just what you need instead!


Type: Cardio
Plan: Picking up the cardio – run/brisk walk. Run for 1 min – you should be working fairly hard but not to the point where you are struggling to breath. Brisk walk for 1 min. Repeat the sequence 10 times.


A little R & R well deserved. Remember you have come a long way.

Next week – the final week of our home workout Tuffit challenge

Keep challenging yourself, take one day at a time and remember every workout is a step closer to your goal!

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