8 Week Programme – Week 6

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Home Fitness Made Easy with our 8 Week Tuffit Programme.

It’s Week 6!  Remember to take some time to familiarise yourself with the exercise techniques, and your warm up and cool down.


Type: Cardio and Squat Challenge
Plan: You should have now clocked up a few kilometers either running or walking.  Today we are aiming for 3-4K run or walk.  Challenge yourself…you will be surprised at just how much you can do when you put your mind to it! Keep a note of the time it took you and aim to smash it next time!

Squat Challenge: Remember the squat challenge from week 2?  Time to give it another go! Set the timer for 5 minutess, choose the platform height suitable for you and complete as many squats as you can within the 5 mins including rest.  I know you can beat the last score.  Keep good form and make sure your bottom taps the platform every rep!


Type: Core and Dippy Challenge
Plan: Tuffit Workout – The Twister. Within the programme we have full plank. If you have mastered this then time to add a further challenge. Take one foot a couple of inches off the floor and hold for a few seconds then swap legs. Remember you have to keep good alignment, spine in neutral and hip bones level.

Dippy Challange: Using the tuffit we are Tricep Dipping a nice little teaser for the back of the arm. Starting off easy complete:

2 reps of tricep dips
20 sec rest
4 reps of tricep dips
20 sec rest
6 reps of tricep dips
20 sec rest

Continue working up in 2’s until you can no longer complete the exercise. Take 2 min break and attempt it again starting from 2.  Bet you feel the burn from this little combo


Type: Cardio and Lower Body
Plan: Cardio – choose a route which includes a hill or stairs.  Run/walk to the hill or stairs then spend 10/15mins simply running or walking up, steady walk back down and repeat till the time is up.  Take a little rest then make your way back home either run or walk.

Later in the day complete Bottom Burner.  Within the workout you will see the exercise Glute Kickback – complete 3 sets on the same leg with a brief rest in between before switching legs.  I guarantee your butt will be on fire!


Type: Upper Body
Plan: Tuffit Workout – complete Guns for Girls for a nice upper body workout which will target those biceps.


Type: Your choice
Plan: Today is your day – choose 1 or 2 activities from the list:

Swim 30mins and maybe hit the steam room
Run/Walk 30mins and finish with a stretch session, spending more time on tight areas
Bike ride (if you have one) 45mins
Skipping – a brilliant exercise! We have all skipped back in school, give it a try you will soon get back in to the swing of it! 10/15 mins of skipping should do the trick!
Dancing Queen – always in the mood for this one!


Type: Cardio Blitz
Plan: A little combo to get the blood pumping using the Tuffit and CoreCurve. Complete each exercise 10 times then move on to the next combo.  Repeat the list of combos as many times as you can aiming for at least 3 rounds.  Rest as required.

1a. Lateral Step Over
1b. Star Jump

2a. Crunch and Full Sit Up
2b. Back Hyper

3a.S tep Up
3b. Knee Lifts

4a. Oblique Twist
4b. Plank hold – 10sec

5a. Burpees
5b. Sprint on the Spot

6a. Side Squats
6b. Mountain Climbers

Rest and start again from no 1.


A little R & R well deserved. Remember you have come a long way. Keep challenging yourself, take one day at a time and remember every workout is a step closer to your goal!

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