8 Week Programme: Week 5

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Remember to take some time to familiarise yourself with the exercise techniques, and your warm up and cool down.


Type: Whole Body and Sprint Drill
Plan: Choose your favourite whole body workout aiming for at least 4-5 rounds.  Make a note of where you got to as the same plan will be repeated on Day 4 and I would like you to challenge yourself to either increase the number of rounds or increase the band strength.

Spring Drill: Set up your chosen platform either inside or outside – ensure the surface is level and free of debris to avoid tipping.  Set your timer and run as fast as you can in a straight line for 20secs, put a marker where you got to. Walk back to your Tuffit or lower level platform and begin stepping up and down 10 each leg, catch your breath and repeat the sprint.  Continue the sequence x5.  Record your time from start to finish.  If you can’t make it outdoors sprint on the spot instead for 20 sec followed by 20 sec rest.


Type: Cardio
Plan: Nice steady one today to ease those legs after yesterday. Start with a 10min brisk walk then pick up the pace into a steady jog, maintain that pace for 10mins, walk for 5 mins then pick up the pace again only a little faster this time for the last 5 mins. Ease the pace back in to a steady run/walk and head back home.


Type: Core and Press Up Challenge
Plan: Tuffit Workout – Quick Core aiming for 4-5 rounds.

Press Up Challenge:  Within the sequence there is a Plank Hold.  Hold the plank for as long as possible without losing your form.  Make a mental note of the time then drop to your knees (if you can do full press ups then stay on your toes!) Widen your arms 1.5 x shoulder width and challenge yourself to complete as many press ups as you can within the time you held the plank.

Lifestyle tip: Do you find yourself waiting for the lift when out and about or hopping on to the escalator?  If you do then here is an opportunity to be more active  – take the stairs instead.  You will burn off a few extra calories and stairs are a great way to strengthen those leg muscles and exercise the cardiovascular system.


Type: Whole Body
Plan: Taking you back to Day 1 – dig out your notes and see where you made it to. Today you are aiming to either complete more rounds than you did in Day 1, increase the band strength or both.


Type: Your choice
Plan: Today is your day – choose 1 or 2 activities from the list:

  • Swim 30mins and maybe hit the steam room
  • Run/Walk 30mins and finish with a stretch session, spending more time on tight areas
  • Bike ride (if you have one) 45mins
  • Skipping – a brilliant exercise! We have all skipped back in school, give it a try you will soon get back in to the swing of it! 10/15 mins of skipping should do the trick!
  • Dancing Queen – always in the mood for this one!


Type: Upper Body
Plan: Tuffit Workout – Curl Up & Fly – aim for 3-4 rounds.


A little R & R well deserved. Hope you’re looking forward to next weeks challenges!

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