8 Week Programme: Week 4

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Remember to take some time to familiarise yourself with the exercise techniques, and your warm up and cool down.


Type: Cardio
Plan: 2 x 2k runs. Up and at it! Your first 2k run is for the morning. Keep a nice steady pace and try to complete with as little rest as possible. A real test for mental stamina is to pick up the final 2k run later in the day – you can do it! If you struggle to fit in the two runs aim to do one up to 4k if you can.



Type: Upper body and Step It Up challenge
Plan: Tuffit Workout – Double Cross 4. In sequence 3 set up your bicep curl with a heavier band and a lighter band.  Work the heavier band first until the muscle is fatigued, quickly release this band and replace with the lighter band and continue the reps with little rest.  This method of working the muscle is called a drop set.
Set It Up Challenge:
Choose the platform height suitable for your strength and fitness, and complete this sequence:

2 Step Ups (right leg and left leg)
2 Star Jumps
4 Step Ups (right leg and left leg)
4 Star Jumps
Continue the sequence up to 10 and then work your way back down 8, 6, 4 & 2.


Type: Core
Plan: Tuffit Workout –  Ab-solute Abs.  In sequence 2 of this programme there is Plank Hold – challenge yourself with this, hold the plank with good form for as long as you can and time it.  Each round you complete aim to match the time recorded for the Plank Hold in the previous round or better still beat it!
Lifestyle tip: Remember all activity counts – if you make a regular trip to the car wash why not use this time to burn off some extra energy and save a few ££.  Wax on wax off is great for toning those shoulders!


Type: Cardio
Plan: Just past mid week now and you may be feeling a little fatigued mentally and physically, sometimes it’s hard to distinguish between the two.  Let’s head out for a brisk walk and see how you get on.  Don’t set any targets today just head off and see where you get to, you never know this could be your best cardio session yet!


Type: Lower Body and Dipppy challenge
Plan: Tuffit Workout –  Leg Oh
Dippy Challenge: Using the Tuffit we are Tricep Dipping – a nice little teaser for the back of the arm.  Starting off easy complete the following. Continue working up in 2s until you can no longer complete the exercise. Take a 2 minute break and attempt it again starting from 2.  Bet you feel the burn from this little combo!

2 reps of tricep dips
20 sec rest
4 reps of tricep dips
20 sec rest
6 reps of tricep dips
20 sec rest


Type: Cardio
Plan: Come on one more day and its REST day! 3k today. Once you have warmed in to your run, run 1k as quickly as you can followed by recovery walk for 1k.  The last 1k – put on your favourite motivating songs and dig your heels in a little and finish this run. Feel free to add extra Ks if you can. Cool off with a steady walk home and hopefully with a smile on your face because you made it to the end of the week and are feeling pretty pleased with yourself yippee!


A little R & R well deserved. Hope your looking forward to next weeks challenges!

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