8 Week Programme: Week 3

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Remember to take some time to familiarise yourself with the exercise techniques, and your warm up and cool down.


Type: Strength and Conditioning (whole body)
Plan: Starting the week off with a whole body Tuffit Programme – Flying Colours. I suggest starting at No. 3 this week if you’re feeling fitter and stronger! Take as much time as you need to get you through the rounds.


Type: Cardio
Plan: You have had a couple of weeks to get in to the running/brisk walk and I  bet you are feeling the benefits and taking less rest. Today I’m setting you a target to run just 2k with as little rest as possible. If you can run more than 2k without rest then great, go for it! Record your time taken to complete the 2k.


Type: Core
Plan: For a nice quick workout try Quick Core – start at 3 and work your way up.  If it’s feeling tough take a little extra rest time between exercises.
If you fancy it later maybe a walk outdoors if the weather is nice. Alternatively, if a trip to the shops is needed, leave the car at home or further away than usual and carry your shopping back home.  Carrying shopping bags is a great way to use up more energy and strengthen the whole body.  Take care not to stoop forwards, keep good posture, chest lifted and shoulders back and keep the core engaged.


Type: Lower body and Squat challenge
Plan: Complete Legs Eleven 2 followed by my squat challenge. If the legs are not feeling fragile by the end of the challenge continue Legs Eleven for a 3rd round.
10 Min Challenge: Choose your level of platform to squat to – remember the lower level will be the most challenging. Set your timer for 5 mins.  Now start squatting making sure your bottom comes in to contact with the platform.  Record the number of squats completed within 5 mins including rest time where required.  If you manage the whole 5 mins without rest that’s good going, well done! Remember to keep good form!


Type: Upper Body and Dipppy challenge
Plan: Tuffit Workout –  Bingo Blitz 3
Dippy Challenge: Using the Tuffit we are Tricep Dipping – a nice little teaser for the back of the arm.  Starting off easy complete the following. Continue working up in 2s until you can no longer complete the exercise. Take a 2 minute break and attempt it again starting from 2.  Bet you feel the burn from this little combo!

2 reps of tricep dips
20 sec rest
4 reps of tricep dips
20 sec rest
6 reps of tricep dips
20 sec rest


Type: Cardio
Plan: The time taken to complete your 2k on day 2, I would like you to have another crack at it and match the time or even better beat it!
And then you can rest!


Type: Active Rest
Plan: Sundays are always great for a stroll in the park!  Not feeling it, why not have a nice hot bath, chill out in front of the TV and work on some stretches to free up any tight areas such as the hamstrings, hip flexors, lower back, chest.  All these stretches you will find in any of the workout programmes.

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