8 Week Programme: Week 2

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Week 2 of the Tuffit Home Exercise Plan:  This week is all about moving things on a little bit and giving you more of a challenge.

As ever, remember to take some time to familiarise yourself with the exercise techniques. If you tackle a 10 minute challenge directly after your workout, leave your cool down until the very end. If you take it on later in the day, make sure to do a thorough warm up (you can use any warm up listed within any Tuffit programme).

Day 1

Type: Cardio + 10 min challenge
Plan: 25-35 min brisk walk or run – change the route and include some hills. Tuffit alternative: Dancing Queen.
10 Min Challenge:
Exercise 1-  Star Jump with Punches for 30 sec followed by 30 sec rest
Exercise 2 – Mountain Climbers  for 30 sec followed by 30 sec rest
Repeat the sequence until the 10 mins is up – remember to cool down and stretch.

Day 2

Type: Strength and Conditioning (whole body)
Plan: Tuffit Workout – Deeply Dippy


Type: Active Rest
Plan: Active rest day – get outdoors, take in some fresh air and the scenery. Alternatively, head to your local pool for a swim (and sauna if they have one)!


Type: Cardio and Core
Plan: Aim to get in a good 25-35 mins brisk walk or run.
10 Min Challenge:
During the last 10 mins of the cardio session add in some sprints.  Run as fast as you can for as long as you can. At the point where you stopped the sprint, mark with a chalk or place an object and use this as your target for the next sprint. Rest until your breathing pattern returns to normal and set off again.  Record how many sprints you managed to get in 10 mins including the rest and aim to beat it next time.

Lastly, plank! Within the Quick Core programme there is a plank hold – set your timer and hold the plank with good form for as long as possible.


Type: Upper Body
Plan: Tuffit Workout –  Curl Up & Fly


Type: Lower Body
Plan: Tuffit Workout:  Hip Swish


Type: Active Rest
Plan: Active rest – Sundays are always great for a stroll in the park!

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