7 great reasons to workout at home

Got a pair of trainers?  Stick ’em on and let’s get to it…you don’t even need to get dressed to workout at home!  Here are our top 7 reasons to fit in fitness in the comfort of your own surroundings…


Keep your jammies on!

  1. You can avoid going to the actual gym! No equipment hoggers, people taking annoying selfies, sweaty men leaving their DNA everywhere…if this isn’t enough to convince you, check out this hilarious video
  2. You can workout in your pyjamas, your old Metallica T-shirt from 1995, or just in your pants without worrying what anyone else will think!  You’ll save on the post workout laundry too.  Naked squats anyone?
  3. You have control of the Netflix remote, or whatever show you’ve recorded for marathon viewing.  If you’re staying home all weekend with the curtains closed to watch back to back episodes of Prison Break, you can workout without missing a second!
  4. No need to take a suitcase to work with you for your post workout shower / to get ready to go out.  At home, you have all the stuff you need to get ready afterwards – shampoo, make up, straighteners etc.
  5. Setting an example – whether it’s the kids, your other half or even your housemates, everyone benefits when someone leads the way…showing positivity about exercise makes everyone feel more motivated and you might even end up with a fitness buddy to help you stay on track.

    Setting a good example

  6. You can do every kind of exercise you need or want to do in the comfort of your bedroom or lounge – cardio, strength, HIIT, you name it, you can do it.  You’ll find loads of great example programmes in our fitness section.
  7. It’s quicker!  You can fit in 20 minutes whenever it works for you – in-between teatime and putting the kids to bed or before breakfast.  Without any travel time to and from the gym, your workout will be so much more achievable and you’ll be more likely to keep up your regime.

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