The 5 things that happen when you get a Tuffit

Without a doubt, starting a new exercise regime can feel daunting.  So we thought you might like some inspiration from our brilliant Tuffit Challengers!

They were tasked with completing a 6 week Tuffit Programme and reporting back on the experience.  Here are the top 5 things that they discovered after their Tuffits became a part of their furniture…

1. You can fit in exercise more easily than ever

Without exception, all of our Challengers noticed that they could fit in more than they anticipated.  It’s not unusual for most of us to use the ‘too busy / don’t have the time’ excuse, but because the Tuffit sits there in your lounge or bedroom you can easily squeeze in 20 minutes during your favourite programme!

Tuffit Home Workouts Review

Lauren gets her TV fix during a workout!

“I’ve learnt that I can fit in the exercise at home, even if it’s not [kept] in front of the TV, it’s easy to move to any room.”, Lauren, Week 1

“I have finally got into a realistic and challenging exercise routine, something I’ve been trying to do for years, without success.”, Karen, Week 6

“The thing I loved the most was the convenience of having what is essentially an entire gym, in my front room. It meant that I could squeeze in workouts whenever I had a spare 30-60 minutes without having to factor in time to travel to/from the gym or childcare.”, Anna, Week 6

2. You learn what you’re capable of quickly

The Tuffit is flexible and suitable for all abilities.  With over 150 programmes online, you can select your activity by mood, duration and level.  All our challengers started off with lower levels but quickly progressed to doing more and more sequences and reps.

“I loved the way the Tuffit workouts were graded and described eg would rather be on the sofa! and it made it easier to progress. I started on level 2 and by week 6 had progressed to level 4 for each programme I did – with 10 repetitions in each set…I also learnt that if I build up exercise slowly I can change and add to it as necessary; I don’t need to be doing it all from day 1! (I’ve tried this before, more than once and unsurprisingly gave up not long after)”, Karen, Week 6

“This week has shown me that I can push my body and do that little bit extra.”, Fiona, Week 4

3. You can make a difference to how you look and feel more quickly than you think

It’s a well known fact that you can start feeling the benefits of exercise almost immediately and our challengers reported improved sleep, energy and enthusiasm almost straightaway!  By week 2, we received comments about improved stamina and by week 3 body changes were being reported!  That’s just 21 days to seeing physical results as well as feeling them.  You can see now that we set our 21 day trial on Tuffit Hire for good reason – we know how much better you can feel in just a short space of time.

Anna noticed physical changes from Week 3


“Feeling good this week. I have more stamina and feel stronger as the weeks go on. I can see I’m toning up with the exercises”, Karen, Week 2

“I’m starting to notice some subtle changes in my body, I’m feeling more toned which I’m really pleased about.”, Anna, Week 3

“I am pleasantly surprised at the results I have had over the last 6 weeks my waist has diminished by an inch, I have gained a couple of pounds (muscle of course) which was one of my aims, I have more energy, I am not as sluggish on a morning or as grumpy, I have a more positive attitude and clearer mind & my resting heart rate has dropped from sitting at around 64-68 to 55-58 AMAZING or what?”, Fiona, Week 6

4. You’ll understand that strength work is really important – cardio alone won’t cut it!

The Tuffit and supporting workouts were designed to incorporate cardio and strength (i.e. resistance) work in one programme. There are REALLY good reasons for that, a big one being that the strength work helps to build and maintain healthy bones, muscles and joints.  You can read all about the benefits, including an increased metabolism, in Jenny’s previous blog post.

“Before doing this challenge I didn’t appreciate how important strength work is for an exercise routine; I have always tended towards cardio/flexibility before. I feel the strength work has been the missing link as I now feel better, stronger and more able to do other exercise. I need to continue including this in my exercise programme in the future.” Karen, Week 6

5. You’ll start to look forward to exercise!

Sounds unbelievable, especially if it’s something you’ve previously struggled to get to grips with but it’s like they say – the more you do, the more you want to do, and soon it becomes an important part of every day life.

Fiona with her Tuffit in the Living Room

“My Tuffit is permanently set up in my living room and there has not been one moment were I have thought I can’t be bothered, totally the opposite I look forward to my workouts as they make me feel great, everyone should have a TUFFIT in their home.” Fiona, Week 4

“Still managing to have fun. And love my tuffit when I’m in my pj’s at night and no one sees me!! Roll on week 4!!”, Lauren, Week 3

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