5 Reasons Women Opt For A Personal Trainer

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Once the preserve of the rich and famous, a Personal Trainer is now a luxury that more and more people are finding the budget for.  I have clients from all walks of life, different ages, professions, and some who are retired. Exercise is a universal need and there are lots of us who need help getting started.

In my experience, there are 5 main reasons why women decide to work with a Personal Trainer.

1) Motivation

Life these days is so busy for most of us.  Juggling work and family is more than a full time job.  Exercise more often than not is last on the list of priorities.  By the time the day’s work is done chilling out with a cup of tea is the only thing on the agenda.  Amongst all this work is something else that women are very good at – feeling guilty.  Women do recognise the importance of exercise and feel frustrated with themselves that they have not made time to start or continue their exercise regime.

I can totally relate to how most women feel.  It’s not easy for me either. I’m busy like most people and there have been times when I have had to put my training on hold for weeks due to work, family commitments and so on.

Every time I have to break from training it is really difficult to get back on it.  I’m sure many people will relate to this and I can only imagine it’s 100 times harder for someone whose life doesn’t have so much emphasis on fitness.

Finding that motivation to exercise can be very difficult when there is a lack of consistency but once there is a routine in place exercise becomes much easier and less of a chore to fit in.

Tuffit Tip if motivation is a problem:

Try fitting a Tuffit session in for 30 minutes on an evening three times each week whilst watching some TV.  You’ll be surprised how soon it becomes your routine.  You can even use the mood filter to select the kind of workout you want – whether you’re feeling fragile or feeling fierce!

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2) Age or lack of fitness

Some of my clients started working out in their 40s.  The last time they did anything physical was back in school.  Weight gain is generally a prompt to do something in order to feel good in those jeans again!  The health risks associated with the lack of physical activity are also realised.  But if you’re not particularly confident with the physical stuff, the last think you’ll want to do is face a public gym.  Having some easy to use equipment at home, which provides for personal training programmes just like I do with my clients, is the ideal solution.

Tuffit Tip if you’re starting an exercise programme for the first time over 40:

Make sure you get the all clear from your GP.  Once you’ve done that, start with whole body workouts and keep them short and low level.  You can move on to specific body areas once your fitness improves.  Try the Mix it up! – Level 1 programme to get you started.

3) Talking of the gym…

The gym can be an intimidating place which is why more often than not women choose to use the cardio machines as these are easy to operate and in one place.  But that makes gym membership a pretty expensive solution for a run on the treadmill, a couple of times a week.

Using the equipment in the gym whether it be machines or free weights, requires some level of knowledge and the ability to perform the exercise correctly.  The gym can be a hazardous place if a user goes in trying to work machines without a good understanding of how to operate them.

When designing the Tuffit, it was  really important for me to ensure it was simple to use and it allowed for a real variety of exercises – just like you would have access to if you were at the gym.  And it’s the perfect alternative to a gym membership, for the equivalent of just a few month’s fees you can have your own gym at home without having to sacrifice any space!

Tuffit Tip for those who panic at the sight of gym equipment: 

Make sure to watch all my demo videos before you attempt the exercises, that way you’ll have that all important instruction from a personal trainer as you go along.

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4) Special occasions

For some clients it takes a special occasion, getting married or going on holiday to motivate them to take up exercise – understandably, they want to feel and look extra special in their wedding dress or bikini.

Clients I have coached for that important diary date have gone on to achieve so much they feel great about themselves and exercise has become very much part of their lives.  Suddenly, they realise they can feel good about themselves all year round.  I realised that making this happen means developing a solution that can be part of your lifestyle – without the barriers of driving somewhere – and a Tuffit is also perfect for putting your feet up after a hard workout!

Tuffit Tip for those who use the calendar for motivation: 

Don’t let your motivation drop off just because you’ve reached your goal or because the holiday is over.  The Tuffit can keep you on the straight and narrow because it sits handily in any room in the house, not to mention its mere presence serves as a useful reminder.  No reason not to keep it up!

5) Plateau

Some clients go the gym religiously twice per week, but sometimes they get stuck in a comfort zone and the results they were hoping to achieve just don’t happen.  I train my clients beyond what they would do on their own in the gym setting by providing them a new standard to work towards.

Setting new goals to aim for is sometimes all that is required to nudge you along to the next phase and it doesn’t take long before further improvements are visible.

Most of my clients train with me once or twice per week which is great, but I would still recommend working out between 3 or 4 times per week.  However, for most people going to the gym more than a couple of times a week or even seeing a personal trainer is just not possible – time being the main barrier.

The Tuffit is a neat little solution for these people – because it’s on hand when time is an issue to squeeze those extra sessions in and also set new goals that are different to the ones you have in a gym environment.

Tuffit Tip if you need a new challenge: 

Time yourself or record your reps when you complete a programme.  Make sure to keep trying to better your score each time you workout.  But remember to mix it up too!  You’ll soon break through that plateau if you keep your workouts varied.  Why not try a different programme every other day for two weeks and see what happens?


If you have any other questions about the Tuffit – and how it offers programmes just like a personal trainer would plan for you, please feel free to get in touch.

Jenny xx