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Burpee 2

Preview Dancing Queen

This workout is perfect for getting your heart pumping and your mood lifted. Take a look at each move to familiarise yourself with the technique, pop on some Abba, and start dancing here!

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Fit for Keeps in the press

The Tuffit Makes A Splash

While it's safe to say our customer Tuffit reviews have all been glowing, it has been great to make a splash in the pages of some UK glossies too.

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Exercises for cyclists

Cyclists: How To Stay Strong & Injury Free

Maybe today’s the day you change your workout and take your journey towards an injury free future with these top 5 tuffit exercises recommended for cyclists.

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Press Up Hard 2

Press Up and Away

There is a press up to suit all levels of strength and fitness. It is superb for strengthening and toning the body as a whole.

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